Cambria Dobermans

Top Dogs at Cambria

Ch. Marienburg`s Sun Hawk

owned by Jim White co-owned with Mary Rodgers.

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Ch. Cambria`s Commander in Chief - `Rogan`

(Ch. Cha-Rish Star Quest Blu-J`s X Ch. Orion`s Raspberry Beret ) owned by Joan Noon & Margaret Mee

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Ch. Cambria`s Irish Rebellion - `Patrick`

(Ch. Cambria`s Cavalleria X Ch. Orion`s Raspberry Beret)

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Ch. Cambria`s Highly Regarded - `Rayden`

(Ch. Cambria`s Cavalleria X Kaywood`s Highly Classified) owned by Tracy Dukowitz

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Ch. Cambria`s Rock Solid - `Promo`

(Ch. Cambria`s Last `n Impression X Cambria`s Current Affair)

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Ch. Cambria`s Last`n Impression - `Sting`

(Ch. Brunswig`s Cryptonite X Ch. Cambria`s Dateline)

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Ch. Cambria`s Mignon - `Lexis`

(Ch. Brunswig`s Cryptonite X Ch. Cambria`s Mauna Kea)

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Ch. Cambria`s Carman - `Carman`

(Ch. Brunswig`s Cryptonite X Ch. Cambria`s Mauna Kea) owned by Judy King

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Ch.Orion`s Rasberry Beret - `Razz`

Ch. Cambria`s Cactus Cash X Ch. Orion`s Ultimate Dimension) owned by Cambria

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Ch. Cambria`s Mauna Kea - `Cricket`

(Ch. Agape Lion of Judah X Ch. Florowill Bit of Magic)

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Ch. Florowill Bit of Magic - `Betta`

(Ch. Tolivar`s Boo Radley Dob Mann X Brosam`s Magic Sundance)

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Ch. Cambria`s Cactus Cash - `Eddie`

Top-Producing Sire in Breed History - A Legend in the Breed (Ch.Rahdy`s Sail the Seven Seas X Ch.Cambria`s Nocona V Texas)

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With all due respect, there are many talented Cambria-bred dogs that do not appear on our website. In most cases these omissions are only because we are unable to keep up with all venues of Doberman achievement.
Please write to us and provide that information.

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